Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hank Wise Guilty of MURDER

To me the most offensive human rights violation is when the criminal is given more dispensation than the victim. What about the victims human rights??

This killer will only have to serve 15-25 years in prison, but I am left with the nightmare of witnessing my husband gunned down infront of me. I have a life forever tainted by the evil of this man and my husband Ben does not have a life anylonger. Below is the trial coverage from this week.

Is it a Justice System or Just a System?


  1. I am sorry for your losses, both then and now.

    We have a legal system. It is not a justice system. I've yet to see much to make me think otherwise.

  2. At this point, Hank Wise's family now holds a huge responsibility in doing the right thing and asking that Hank serve the maximum sentence to ensure he is not out free to harm some other innocent person. I have never blamed them for what this man did but I will have to blame them if they do not do what they can to keep him locked up. They need to think of others now.

  3. Why has Wise not been sentenced? I saw the County Court records don't showing any sentencing. I thought I heard he was getting sentenced May 30th.

    Hope he gets the max. Ben was a good man.

  4. I just got word from the DA's office that Hank Wise had another mental evaluation after the trial and was found "not competent" for a sentencing hearing. He is being sent to Middle TN Mental Health Facility for inpatient evaluations. He could be there for years before a sentencing hearing is allowed. Just more waiting. No closure for the people who love Ben. Everything revolves around the evil scumbag and his "rights."

  5. Hello,

    Just a stranger who is getting his CCL and wandered on here to read about your story...I am so sorry for your loss.

    I am also extremely angry that some bureaucrats can take our 2nd amendment freedoms!

    How did we get to the point where a "suit" who is not accountable to the public, nor was he elected can make LAWS that will get us fined & thrown in Jail?

    This is WRONG!

  6. Ben's murderer was found guilty of 2nd degree murder instead of 1st degree. He ended up getting sentenced to 23 years at 100% with no parole. Two years short of the max. He will be out of prison before he is 70.

  7. I saw your story on the ID Channel! I'm so sorry for your lose and the ongoing pain your have had to suffer. God Bless you and remember.....this freak will get what is coming. God will make sure of that! Sending good vibes your way!

  8. So sorry Nikki. You and Ben were like my husband and I. I'm Karen. We're in Texas and we can carry our gun anywhere but the airport and UT college grounds. Its a shame these killers get very little punishment. He should have gotten death as it was premeditated. I'll read your book. God bless. I wish you comfort and peace through your new journey in life w/o Ben. So sorry for what you've had to endeaur.

  9. Very sorry for your loss. Our rights shouldn't have to be left in the car...

  10. I just saw your story on ID. Thank you for sharing your story and the fond memories of your husband. If your story reached 1 person and helped them to see the warning signs then you may have saved a life. Thank you

  11. We saw the very sad documentary on sky TV last night ...

    So sad and emotionally upsetting!

    Our deepest sympathies to you Nikki .

    Bobby and Joanne from UK England

  12. Nikki,
    If a person is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. To be guilty the of the crime of murder. Unrelated to sellf defense, defending others in jeopardy or, defening there property. Said person should be removed from society
    permanently! Preferably executed so they could not harm another!
    It's ashame you didn't have your gun to protect Ben! Your story is heartbreaking and tragic! Godbless you and give you the strength to move forward!
    Sincerely, Fred Sienaikki, saw your story on ID! I wish there was fit justice for these deranged dopes!