Tuesday, December 25, 2012

When Cold Blooded Murderers Are Allowed To Re-Enter Society

I sat in a Courtroom in the spring of 2012, while the man who shot my husband 6 times in front of myself and 50 others was tried for first degree murder. 
 Unfortunately, when a Judge (Judge Seth Norman in our case) drops a first degree murder charge to 2nd degree, the cold blooded killer will eventually walk free one day. 

So what can happen when these murderers are set free to live amongst us in society? Here is an example of what can happen. An ex-con who brutally murdered his grandmother and served only 17 years for the crime has now murdered two first responder firefighters and then killed himself in upstate New York. A booby trap set by an evil, sick, demented individual who should have never been allowed to re-enter society in the first place.

We already have laws in place that say felons cannot possess guns. The problem is, criminals do not follow laws. Needless to say, I do not have much faith in our Criminal Justice System. It is just a system. A system that strikes deals with those who do not value life. A system that is not hard enough on violent criminals. A system that puts these dangerous predators back on our streets.

I have the great pleasure (sarcasm) of knowing that my husband's murderer will be allowed to walk free one day at the age of 66. A man who psychologists labeled paranoid/delusional/suicidal in court, is actually going to be walking our streets again. I fear what news story will be associated with him upon his release. It makes me worry not only for myself, but for everyone out there. I have been through hell and do not ever want another family to be faced with this same torment. These monsters have got to be put away forever. What is it going to take for our courts to change?


  1. If murdering criminals were locked up forever, or - heaven forbid! - executed, then the liberals would lose the fodder they need to blame guns. After all, without the psychopaths available to wield them, who would go on murdering gun rampages.
    It's terrible you had to be so personally effected by these monsters, and doubly terrible there are judges out there without the backbone to handle them appropriately.

  2. I used to work in Corrections. There were a few inmates there that were informed of weekly calls inquiring of any change in their release date. They were very nervous.

  3. Nikki,

    I just heard your story and read about the work you have done since then. I searched out your blog and a place to write this.

    All I have to say is - Thank you. Thank you for helping to make my own world a little safer and safer for those I love.

    May you be blessed and comforted.

  4. Nikki,

    Blessings to you sweet girl! I am so very sorry for your loss and insanely proud of how you have chosen to deal and live with it . God rest Bens soul.

    Bobby Brashear
    Castroville Texas