Sunday, November 27, 2011

You Never Need A Gun, Until You Need A Gun

You never need a gun - until you need a gun

Armed Females of America ^

FOREWARD: I received this letter from a concerned husband. I thought it was written so sincerely and knowledgeably that I got permission to share it with you. My hope is that the female readers get as much out of it as I did. CARMA LEWIS, AFA NATIONAL DIRECTOR

I have some facts I would like you to share with your membership, as they relate to the safety of your members. I am currently a Counselor in the State Prison System and have been for four years, and for several years prior to that, I was a Probation Officer.

I have had the misfortune of interacting with multitudes of criminals-especially sexual offenders. What never ceases to amaze me is how lightly criminals are punished. I have NEVER had an experience with a sexual offender who had been involved with the criminal justice system for his first sex offense. What this means, is that these criminals always have previous sex-related crimes behind them, and will most likely be rapists all their pathetic lives. Our weak judges and court system will set them free, time after time, to commit more mayhem on unarmed women.
Then there are the abusive husbands and boyfriends who turn into MURDERING husbands and boyfriends, not just murdering their "lovers," but often times the woman's children, her mom and dad, sisters and brothers who try to help, and of course, their girlfriends who try to help. You know, "he walked right through that restraining order and put her in intensive care. . . " (Dixie Chicks)

Don't get me wrong here, I am 5'11" and weigh 245 lbs. I could squash my wife if I wanted to, and no woman I know here in Yuma, AZ can bench press more than I do. (almost 400 lbs.)
I think I can safely say that MOST men have a serious strength advantage over women, but NO amount of muscle or strength can prevail over a well-placed gunshot!
Do you think a rapist would try to rape a woman who he EVEN SUSPECTED had a gun?? No way in hell!! They are going to go for the weak-minded, "just don't hurt me " type, like the woman who claims she was raped and shot 5 times.
Have you ever heard of AIDS or Hepatitis, or any of the other diseases you can get?? Always remember, most rapists have been to prison at some time in their lives, I will let your imagination take care of the rest. Rapists usually become "victims" themselves in prison.
People need to wake up. Todays court system and Judges do not protect us, that is a fact!
You should see some of the plea agreements I have seen. They would turn your stomach. And the police cannot get there fast enough..........

I am so glad I live in Arizona-a state which has not yet violated the 2nd Amendment (well, not as much as some other states, anyway).
Our prison system releases predators to the streets EVERYDAY! They are out there, and they walk among us.
If your state is kind enough to allow you the means to protect yourself, you are a fool if you do not. I have had to pull a gun only once in public, and I could have shot the two people if I had wanted to. I would have been COMPLETELY justified in doing so. I didn't have to because they backed down when I brandished the gun. What if I didnt carry a gun? Not a good situation. But, I REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM!
I wish people, especially women, would wake up and realize how dangerous this world we live in really is. Always remember, people who do not follow the laws regarding murder, rape and robbery will NOT follow the laws regarding guns either. So level the playing field and carry a gun.

If anybody should pack a gun in today's society, it is women. I WORK IN A PRISON! I am not some academic expert who spouts knowledge from a classroom, I am surrounded by these scumbags all day long and I read these case files on a daily basis! WOMEN GET RAPED! THEY GET BEAT UP! THEY GET ROBBED AND CARJACKED! You have to choose to let yourself get raped, robbed or killed. What do you have to lose? Would you rather let somebody rape you, and then get AIDS? Or carry and use a gun?
My wife carries a Glock, model 30, she does just fine with it, and she only weighs 105 lbs. I am not saying she can compete or anything like that, but she is good enough with it that I would not want to be on the other end of the barrel from her.
Try to put yourself in the mind of a crack-starved scumbag and you find yourself in need of a car you will be able to rip off and sell for $50. Who are you going to jack? A small woman in a Toyota Camry? Good choice, but too bad,............. she has a gun.

My firearms instructor, at the police academy, had a saying "You never need a gun - until you need a gun, and then you need it MORE THAN ANYHTING ELSE IN THE WORLD!