Thursday, April 19, 2012

My interview with Armed American Radio on Hank Wise being found GUILTY OF MURDER

The Insanity Defense is INSANE

If the State is going try an insanity case where Psychologists are performing mental evaluations, should there not be polygraphs & brain scans run to see if the "supposedly insane person" actually believes what they are saying? Instead, we have Psychologists that simply take the murderer at their word. The question should not be what they say, it should they actually believe it. I think we would see many people proven NOT INSANE and NOT MENTALLY ILL. They are just EVIL.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hank Wise Guilty of MURDER

To me the most offensive human rights violation is when the criminal is given more dispensation than the victim. What about the victims human rights??

This killer will only have to serve 15-25 years in prison, but I am left with the nightmare of witnessing my husband gunned down infront of me. I have a life forever tainted by the evil of this man and my husband Ben does not have a life anylonger. Below is the trial coverage from this week.

Is it a Justice System or Just a System?