Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Somebody picked the wrong girl


  1. Watched the documentary tonight. Breaks my heart to see such a great young lady suffer so much but I now know how strong you have become. I hope joy, love and happiness find your heart again. The world is not all as dark as it seems some times. Carry on young lady and may God bless your life.

  2. Usually when the dogs wake me up at 3 am, I turn on a show I've DVR'd from the day before while I surf the Internet on my iPad. It's rare that I pay attention, I just like the background noise. Hearing this story had taken place in Nashville, my home town, I put the iPad down and watched.

    It's about 5:30 now and I just stopped crying. I feel so fortunate to be able to say that I don't know what you went through our how you felt, but my heart hurts for you. I know time has probably healed some of your wounds, but I can only guess you still think about Ben every day.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure it wasn't easy for you. My husband and I do not own a gun - I don't think I've even touched one. I've been held up at gunpoint twice here in Birmingham, but was alone both times. When asked if I had access to a gun, would I have used it (pulled it out), I have always said "no, I couldn't live with myself if I killed someone". Watching your story tonight has changed my mind. When I think of shooting someone in self defense, I have never factored in my husband or children's lives. After seeing the way your situation played out and trying (in my head) to put myself in your shoes, I have no doubt in that situation I would have done whatever it took to protect my husband.

    I admire your strength to not only tell your story, but also your efforts to change the laws. To be honest, I have never done this (left a message after hearing or reading a story). Yours was heartbreaking, but at the same time, inspiring.

    Thanks again!

    Nikki Harvey

  3. I have always been opposed to gun carry laws, but after watching the heart-breaking story of Ben and Nikki Goeser last night, I've changed my views. I've always believed in the second amendment, but really, what good does owning a firearm do if you can't keep it with you to protect yourself? Thanks for enlightening me!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm so glad the episode is making people think about how to best protect themselves and their loved ones. :)